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Mezcal: Voice / Guitar
Not: Chapman Stick
Fly: Bass
Extrm: Drums
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Have You Got Enough ... ?
The band was formed in 1997 the aim was to create a musical project, producing creativity from different music backgrounds, adding to it strong impact. the specific formulae used by the band is as follows: originality and fluidity to produce unconformed compositions excluding long continuous tracks, which can become boring or lost among the musical concept.

Therefore, the music being sporatic. Mystura includes many varieties of musical influences, ranging from Jazz to Metal. however, as different sounds blend together in each track, Metal is predominantly heard. The bands main intention through producing, is to explore many different paths of the history and world of music. Do not perceive this metal as " normal ".

The use of a particular instruments wittin the band vary, but more importantly, Mystura works with the chapman stick. this being more helpfull to stimulate an innovative sound. On stage during a live show, the atmosphere is filled with energy and intensity. Mystura is made up of four members.

Mezcal(voice and guitar), Not(chapman stick) Fly(bass) and Extrm(drums). Thus, Mystura in collaboration with Ron Keel, one of the most figures in the Metal scene of the 80's, produced a song together.To sum up, the bands chemistry is evident between the members and the music.

This being becouse of their feeling and passion incorporating reality and surrealitu making up the sides of the coin. And as a result, the the audience experiencing magical emotoins and enjoyment.


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